Culinary & Wellness



Food Security  •  Nutrition  •  Skill Building

The culinary unit is responsible for preparing, serving, and cleaning up after nearly 1,000 meals per month. Members and staff plan menus and cook meals together. We produce breakfast and lunch each weekday as well as three additional meals when we are open during evening and weekend hours. We are also open for all holidays and serve celebratory meals on these days.

The culinary unit works hard to produce a variety of healthy and tasty meals cooked almost entirely from scratch. We grow some of our own vegetables and herbs, and receive a weekly donation of fresh local produce sourced through our partners at Farmer Foodshare and the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market. Individuals with mental illness live an average of 25 years less than the rest of the population and have increased rates of treatable and preventable physical health issues including obesity, diabetes, and cardio vascular disorders. To address this, the culinary unit is also engaged in a wellness initiative to support members in creating health and wellness goals and accessing community opportunities such as primary medical care, nutrition education, reduced cost gym memberships, and smoking cessation resources.