Functions of the House

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  • Housing/A Place to Live: Members live in various settings throughout Orange County. Club Nova offers assistance in locating housing, including completing housing and Section 8 applications. Ten members live independently in Club Nova supported housing located in Carrboro. Club Nova provides support on a flexible as-needed basis. Recently, we completed the design, financing, and building of 24 brand-new efficiency apartments located behind the Clubhouse.
  • Supported Education: Club Nova assists members in taking advantage of the adult education system in the community in support of their vocational and personal aspirations
  • Social/Recreation: Club Nova offers a social/recreation program on Thursday evenings, weekends, and holidays, which includes hiking, shopping, and attending cultural events. This program provides an opportunity for members to develop relationships in a relaxed and safe environment while becoming more fully engaged with their own communities.
  • Community Support Services: Members and staff of the clubhouse provide community support services. The services include helping with entitlements, housing, and advocacy, as well as assistance in finding quality medical, psychiatric, pharmacological, and substance abuse services in the community.