Club Nova is a nonprofit community center for people with serious mental illness providing employment, education, social opportunities, and more. Welcome to the Club.

In Our Own Words

Rising Above

Since 1987, Club Nova has extended a warm welcome to adults living with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. We replace hopelessness with hope and isolation with belonging.

We are building our new Clubhouse!

Our amazing 9,125 square foot building is almost complete.

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Building financial independence and improving self-esteem


Earning certifications, diplomas, and degrees

Work-Ordered Day

Keeping the Clubhouse running

Individualized Support

Navigating health care, housing, and more


Developing friendships and being part of the broader community

Our Impact

1 in 25 is living with a serious mental illness. Club Nova is a positive resource for these individuals and continues to make a dramatic impact in the community!

For Club Nova members,
the Re-hospitalization rate is only


For the cost of a 4-day hospital stay, Club Nova provides one year of

  • opportunity_img1Individualized Support
  • opportunity_img2Employment Opportunities
  • opportunity_img3Education Opportunities
  • opportunity_img4Social Opportunities

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We need Your Help

Club Nova has been able to continue its mission for over 30 years, largely through the generosity of committed friends just like you who believe in our members and our mission.

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Club Nova has been featured in many media outlets and has received several distinguished awards. See below for some of these:

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