Clubhouse Model

The Clubhouse model is

  • The Model originally developed by Fountain House in New York City in 1947; there are now 325 Clubhouses in 28 countries around the world
  • Not like a typical day program in a clinical setting
  • Voluntary; participation is by choice
  • Based on inclusive, shared decision-making

There are four guaranteed rights of membership:

  1. A right to a place to come
  2. A right to meaningful relationships
  3. A right to meaningful work
  4. A right to a place to return

Members and staff work together to operate all aspects of the clubhouse

  • Work includes administration, membership, outreach, maintenance, recreation, health and safety and meal preparation
  • No work is simulated

Our Employment Program helps members work for pay in the community and includes:

  • Transitional Employment
  • Supported Employment
  • Independent Employment
Members also have access to help with:
  • Housing
  • Psychiatric & other medical care
  • Continuing educational goals
  • Obtaining earned benefits
  • Joining social activities
  • Participating in the community
  • Recognizing isolation and signs of relapse
  • Accessing crisis intervention services when needed
  • Finding additional support