Current volunteer projects include:

  • Leading walking groups
  • Planning weekly socials
  • Assisting with accreditation preparation
  • Database entry
  • Cooking
  • Tutoring
  • Other work

Our volunteers do amazing work.

We take the time to get to know you and place you in work that reflects your strengths, talents and interests.

That helps us advance our mission. We also work with groups of all sizes on a more temporary basis or for one-time service days.

Volunteer Spotlight

“Club Nova gives me the opportunity to know incredible individuals, who inspire me with their stories of will and triumph. I have developed a deep appreciation for people’s capacity for perseverance and the importance of community. Through volunteering, I am learning the functions of a nonprofit organization, including not only the multitude of tasks required, but also the love and dedication that surrounds every effort.”
– Macey Arnold, UNC Student

How It Works


Download our Volunteer Application

and email it to program@clubnova.org.


After the tour, you will sit down with Clubhouse staff and members to explore your interests and where they best match our current needs.

Get Oriented

Once we receive and review your application, we will reach out to set a day/time for you to come in to the Clubhouse for a tour and orientation.

Get Started

After deciding on a project focus and schedule, you’re ready to start volunteering!