“I was at Northwestern University when I was diagnosed with a serious mental illness…At some point my father had me placed in Long Term Care.  I was placed in a back ward at Dix Hospital…For the next 22 years, I lived with chronic mental illness, going without a treatment that worked very well. Then, in 1994, two great things happened…”

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“I have had many transitional employment jobs through Club Nova…Another accomplishment that Club Nova helped me obtain was my G.E.D. After being out of school for 19 years I passed my G.E.D. exam with average and above scores.”

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“In 2011, at age 17, I was admitted to Central Regional Hospital in Butner, NC where I stayed 3 years. During those 3 years I experienced various changes to my medication, repetitive therapies, and became isolated…Since becoming a member [of Club Nova], I am no longer isolated and my self-esteem significantly increased.”

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