Meaningful Relationships


Meaningful Relationships
As individuals work together toward common goals, collegial relationships develop. Relationships developed between members and staff are at the center of all clubhouse interaction and the essence of the rehabilitation process.

Members participate in all areas of planning and decision making regarding the future development of Club Nova.

A Place to Return
Membership is without time limits. Members have a right to immediate re-entry into Club Nova after any length of absence.

Club Nova is designed to serve adults (18 and older) who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

A member may use the resources of Club Nova whenever needed, at whatever level desired, throughout his or her lifetime.

The Clubhouse Community Bill of Rights

  • A Guaranteed Right to a Place to Come
  • A Guaranteed Right to Meaningful Work
  • A Guaranteed Right to Meaningful Relationships
  • A Guaranteed Right to a Place to Return