COVID Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Virtual Work and Social Group Descriptions

Admin Work Group 

Organize administrative work to prepare for audits and complete operational tasks.  


Billing and Note Tracking Work Group 

Enter billable and non-billable minutes onto corresponding spreadsheets for submission.  Track submitted progress notes.  


Clubhouse Culture Work Group  

Discuss articles about clubhouse culture; devise new ways to implement clubhouse culture and the standards.  


Clubhouse Webinar Meeting 

View Clubhouse International videos on various Clubhouse-related topics and discuss.  


Daily Clubhouse Meeting 

Review the meetings for the day thus far.  Address outreach and any concerns.  Move to an open discussion of current issues including COVID-19 updates.  


Education Meeting 

Support members in pursuing their education goals.  


Employment Meeting 

Discuss issues related to looking for and securing a job.  Check in about projects and job-seeking progress.  


Grant Work Group 

Improve Club Nova’s performance management structure and applying for grants. 


Internship Weekly Debrief 

Interns pursuing degrees in Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Masters of Social Work, etc. share their experiences for the week, set goals, reflect and ask questions. 


Kitchen Planning Work Group 

Look at possible setups and what equipment to have in the new clubhouse’s kitchen. 


Literary Journal Work Group 

Work on a new member-centric website showcasing art, music and literature from Club Nova Members.  



A time and space to eat together, socialize and enjoy light activities. 


Morning Gathering 

Start the day with stretches, review the Clubhouse Model Standard of the day, cover the weather and schedule for the day, check-in and socialize. 


Newsletter Work Group 

Work on the monthly newsletter.  Divide tasks amongst each other, plan out the social calendar, brainstorm article topics, interview volunteers and interns, work on layout. 


Program Evaluation 

Evaluate the effectiveness of Club Nova’s individual programming (like Zoom, Outreach, Culinary, etc.) and address ways we can improve. 


Reach Out Work Group 

Identify who needs to be called, send out postcards, report on members’ status (if given permission). 



Various bi-weekly and holiday Zoom events held separately from the work-ordered day.  Some past examples: karaoke, music trivia, virtual museum tours, talent shows, a virtual “prom”. 


Social and Wellness Planning  

Plan what upcoming socials and wellness topics we want to cover in the near future and who will lead each of the wellness meetings. 


Social Media Work Group 

Work off of a calendar of what to post on our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).  Work on following the themes agreed on by members and staff. 


Technology Work Group
Organize outreach to members that need assistance with accessibility to Zoom and other technology. 


Wellness Meeting 

Led by members and staff.  Some past topics: sleep hygiene, nutrition, mental health, anxiety and stress relief, managing emotions, music therapy.